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, welcome to your Boot Camp Information Centre

Welcome to the Boot Camp!  This online area will compliment the physical workouts you go to regularly.  It gives you access to live webinars, a special downloadable recipe book, at-home workouts and additional nutrition coaching.

You can also join the private Facebook Group for additional support.

Your Boot Camp membership includes...

Boot Camp Recipe Book

Download this recipe book, written exclusively for Boot Camp members.  There are over 100 recipes that fit with the 'Clean Food Concepts' that we follow at the Boot Camp.  There are plenty of other recipes in 'regular' cook books that are also a great fit, but this download gives you a fantastic starting point.

12 Day Kick Start

Get your nutrition on track with my 12 Day Kick Start.  For 12 days you'll receive a drip feed of information designed to help you overhaul your diet, create some positive habits and start achieving the results that you're after.

By making these changes you'll experience increased energy levels, improved sleep, greater mental focus & clarity and a sense of being in control of this important aspect of your well being.

Please speak to me at a Boot Camp workout or email to let me know when you would like to start, and I will get you set up.

The first 3 days of the program are all about planning and preparation so you don't need to do or learn anything in advance.  You will, however, know what you need to from Day 1, so you have the option of going all in right from the start :)

At-Home Workouts

If you can't make it to a Boot Camp workout, here are 4 follow-along workouts you can try at home.  They are each around 10 minutes long, so depending on the time you have available you can choose to do 1 or more of the 'blocks'.  There is also a neat little 6 minute ab workout that I think you're going to enjoy ;)

Boot Camp Workouts

Thame Schedule

  • Monday 0630 (Leisure Centre)
  • Monday 0930 (Football Club)
  • Monday 1900 (Leisure Centre)
  • Wednesday 0930 (Football Club)
  • Thursday 0630 (Leisure Centre)
  • Thursday 1900 (Leisure Centre)
  • Friday 0930 (Football Club)
  • Saturday 0730 (Leisure Centre)

Oxford Schedule

  • Monday 0630 (South Park)
  • Wednesday 0630 (South Park)
  • Friday 0630 (South Park)
  • Saturday 0830 (South Park)

It's Not About The Scales

Weighing scalesThis is part of my online program 'iNats', which stands for It's Not About The Scales.  Making changes to your nutrition, exercise & mindset will have far more important repercussions than just a number on the scales, and so I encourage you to focus on these benefits.

Increased energy levels, better sleep, better focus, a more stable mood & an enhanced feeling of control.  Follow the process, begin to shift your mindset & weight loss becomes a side effect.

You can access the full iNats program FREE for a month whilst you follow the 12 Day Kick Start program (see below) and then if you would like to 'bolt on' this service to your Boot Camp membership it is only an additional £10 per month.

If you are subscribing to the full membership, click below to access the full website

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