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Great move!  It’s going to be great having you as a part of iNats and give you access to all the other Micro Workouts, nutrition & mindset resources, so let’s get things set up.

Here’s what you need to do next…

          • Complete PayPal set up by clicking the big yellow "Join iNats" button
          • Create username & password on the next page
          • Instantly access everything on the website

Once you’re inside you’ll be able to immediately do the following:

          • Begin any of the nutrition, detox, mindset or training program (including the 12 Day Kick Start)
          • Download recipe book (worth £18)
          • Access dozens of 10 minute workout videos
          • Download resources & trackers to help simplify your healthy life
          • Join the private Facebook coaching group
          • Access live coaching webinars
          • Learn from dozens of articles on exercise, nutrition & mindset

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