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What To Do Next

You have 2 choices for how to complete the Plankathon&ON.

You can either hit the GO button above, enter your email address and then access each workout via your early morning email.

2nd Option

You can access them directly by scrolling down this page and clicking on the relevant link.  This does mean that you theoretically could skip ahead and see what's comin' atcha, but where's the fun in that hey?

Upgrade to the Kick Start

On May 28 I'm running the next Kick Start nutrition, wellness & training program.

If you're looking to get in shape for the summer but don't have the motivation or time figure out what you need to do, then let me help you.

For 12 days you'll receive a daily email coaching you through the exact switches you can make right away to get the best results... and sustain them.

You'll also get access to daily 10 minute workout videos, downloadable cook books and of course you can continue with the Plankathon&ON until we start on May 28.

Read more about the Kick Start here, but make sure that you use the Join Now button below to upgrade!


The Kick Start is £29.97, but if you upgrade today then I'll take off the £7 you  have already paid for the Plankathon&ON.

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