Shift your mindset & unlock your hidden potential

Join George Anderson in Oxford, November 14 for the motivAction mindset Seminar


Become more of yourSELF

It's frustrating when you KNOW you're not getting as much out of yourself as you're capable of.

There are things you want to achieve, habits you want to create and changes you want to make, but time rushes past so fast you never seem to get the chance to sit down and work on yourself.

Join me at the motivAction Seminar to give your thoughts some structure, and map out your blueprint for personal change.


Here's what we're going to cover in our 6 hour interactive workshop

  • Mindset

    Shift your mindset towards positivity, optimism and solution-based thinking.  This isn’t airy fairy ‘positive thinking’, but concrete strategies you can learn how to implement that will begin to raise your set point.

  • Motivation

    Understand what motivation REALLY looks like, and what ‘motivated’ people do differently to keep their levels topped up.

  • Productivity

    The tools and tricks I use that enable me to get more useful work done, with less stress & more speed.  Your level of personal effectiveness is directly related to your level of fulfilment and happiness, which makes these skills crucial to develop.

  • Goal Setting

    How to set clear, inspiring goals that will get you leaping out of bed in the morning chomping at the bit to get started on your day. We’ll move beyond SMART, and create big, scary and achievable goals right here on the day.

  • Switch Off Procrastination

    Make decisions faster and more confidently.  Understand the root cause of your potential-limiting procrastination, recognise it when it’s happening and eliminate it before it has a chance to hold you back

  • Resilience

    Discover how your bounce-back-ability influences your chances of success in ANYTHING, and how depersonalising failure is easier than you think.  Learn the basics of mindfulness & meditation, and crucially how to implement these into your every day life to help you feel more in control.


Your Personal Blueprint

This isn't going to be a theoretical 'motivational' workshop where you come away feeling pumped up but with no plan of action.  During the session you'll be building up your own personalised blueprint with the exact steps you're going to begin taking the very next day.

Everything I'll be teaching will be based on my own personal experiences, and the strategies I teach in my exclusive private Mastermind group

By the end of our time together you will have the following in place...

  • Clear Goals

    You’ll have a set of clear, meaningful and inspiring goals that you are excited about pursuing

  • Action Plan

    For each goal you set you’ll have created an overview of what it’s going to take to achieve it, and the NEXT step you need to take to move things forwards

  • Personal Effectiveness Strategies

    A personal armoury of strategies & resources that will help you unlock more of your inner potential.  Daily habits you’re confident you can commit to, and a clear path for how and when you’re going to ‘fit them in’.

  • Ongoing Accountability

    After the seminar you will be invited to join a private Facebook group designed to help keep you accountable whilst you transition to this ‘new version’ of you.  You’ll be able to interact with others in the group, share your experiences, discuss your challenges and help keep other on track for change.


George Anderson

Fitness, nutrition & lifestyle expert, author of Beginner's Luck Guide for Non-Runners and professional speaker, George Anderson has spent his whole life studying and implementing strategies to get more out of his life.

A self-confessed 'personal development junkie', George has been sharing his passion for 'upgrading yourself' with his clients, social media followers and 20,000 email subscribers.

Last year he ran 10 consecutive marathons in his home town of Thame, earlier this year he ran 100 miles in 24 hours and next summer he will be lining up for his first iron-distance triathlon including a start-from-scratch swimming challenge.

A regular contributor to magazines such as Men's Fitness, Women's Fitness, Health & Fitness and numerous online publications, he recently took part in Tough Mudder as Team Sony's running coach.

George lives and breathes the information he will be sharing on November 14.  An expert in productivity, personal effectiveness and motivation, he'll be teaching how self development requires a change in thinking and consistent action.

George Anderson

Your Money Back Guarantee!

I am confident that the information you learn in the motivAction Seminar has the potential to change your life.  BUT, to remove all of your risk, if you get to the end of the day and are not absolutely certain that what you have learned will help you make positive changes to your life I will refund the full ticket cost.  No questions asked and no hard feelings.

Just come and speak to me at the end of the seminar before you leave to let me know, and I will arrange your refund within 24 hours.


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