Sorry to see the Plankathon end? It doesn't have to be over...

Do you want to keep that motivation going so you can enjoy December WITHOUT the pain of the New Year?

Thanks for letting me know how you have got on with the Plankathon, I hope you have enjoyed the last 14 days!

12 Days Of Christmas

If you have found that having a short, simple and effective workout to get stuck into each day was a great way to keep you motivated, then the 12 Days Of Fitness program is going to be right up your street.

Every day for 12 days, I’ll be popping up in your inbox first thing in the morning with a new workout to challenge you with.

Some for the legs, some for the arms, some for the abs, and all done and dusted in under 6 minutes.

Time is going to be tight this month but rather than ditch your training completely do these short dynamic workouts with me each day instead.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Day 5 workout – another abs one that I think you’ll enjoy…

Just because they’re only 6 minutes long doesn’t mean you’re not going to  feel these challenges the next day!

Having a regular reminder that you’re still looking after your body can dramatically improve your willpower to avoid overeating all those treats that will be lying around this Christmas.

But that’s not all

Christmas Survival Pack

Many people will just throw the towel in over Christmas and resign themselves to gorging themselves stupid, day in day out, and put up with the pain and discomfort of starting the New Year on yet another diet.

You and I might have a little more respect for our bodies than most, but it can still be difficult to stay on track when there’s so much temptation everywhere we look.

The 12 Days Of Fitness is just one part of a complete solution I’ve put together called the Christmas Survival Pack.

What’s in the Christmas Survival Pack?

  • 12 Days Of Fitness
    12 daily workouts, each under 6 minutes long and with me working out alongside you showing you exactly what you need to do (so no need for complicated timers or trying to figure out exercises)
  • Eat, Shrink & Be Merry
    Damage limitation guide for December 23 to 31, with recipes and meal ideas to counter some of your deviations
  • Power Goal Setting webinar
    Join me at 8:30pm on December 29 for a live 30 minute goal setting webinar that will transform your results in 2015
  • The Neutraliser
    1 page download teaching you exactly what to eat & which supplements to take and when, in order to neutralise some of the worst side-effects of the traditional festive diet
  • The Plankathon&ON
    The official follow on program for the Plankathon – another 14 day program to get you closer still to the magic 5 minutes straight through mark
  • Personal support
    I have a private Facebook group already set up where members can ask me questions directly or just post about their challenges and find others who have already found a solution.  You’ll get a direct invite to join this amazing motivation resource
  • Clean Food Concepts recipe book
    30 breakfasts, 30 lunches & 30 dinner recipes – all ‘clean’, healthy and super tasty (this retails at £18!)
  • Access All Areas
    You’ll get one month’s unlimited access to all the other great content on the website

I would love to continue helping to keep you motivated over the next few weeks.

The frustrations of not having enough time to exercise, and a lack of motivation and will power when it comes to food can easily be combatted.

You have already demonstrated that with the right structure  you are capable of staying on track, and you’re going to need that now more than ever as the Christmas period starts to swallow us up.

You’re Special

Out of the 6000 people who have started the Plankathon, you are one of the 30% who have made it through to the very end.

You’ve got more stick-to-ability than the vast majority of people and because of this I really want you in this group.

So I’m going to do you a deal

money-back-guaranteeIf you join today, choose to use as much of the program as you like and then get to New Year’s Day and still don’t think that you’ve benefitted, I’ll immediately send you a refund.

Just email me back and I’ll send it back to your PayPal account.

The truth is, I love working with people like you because I know that you’re the type of person who will really benefit (and in my experience, that means we’ll get on as well!), which is why I’m making this slightly crazy deal with you!

Hit the button, join me on the 12 Days Of Fitness & the rest of the Christmas Survival Pack, and I’ll see you on the other side.

George Anderson

P.S. After the PayPal page you’ll be redirected to the registration page where you can set up a username and password for the website.

This will give you full access to the ENTIRE website, including recipe books, NLP audio downloads, progress trackers, additional video workouts, stretch routines, kettlebell workouts, nutrition articles, mindset systems

I’ve grouped together all the bits that are going to have the biggest impact on your fitness and diet this Christmas, but you can head over to the rest of the site to have a nosey around as much as you like.

P.P.S. is a membership program but today you’ll just pay a single one off payment of £29.

You WON’T be setting up an automatic payment and everything in the Christmas Survival Pack is yours to keep for life – you can download it to your machine or access it from the website any time you like.