Thanks for sharing your results!

Thanks for letting me know how got on with the Plankathon!  I do read through all of these forms but if you ever want to get in touch with me directly about anything, the fastest way is to reply to any of the Plankathon emails that I have been sending you :)

What happens next?

Now you have completed the Plankathon you have a number of options.

  1. Go back to doing your own thing
  2. Keep the momentum going by starting your next challenge

Of course, I would love to continue helping you get great results which is why I have put together a number of different solutions.

Which one you choose will depend on your goals, where you are with your current training, and how much easier you think it will be to get to where you're going with my help.

14 Day Plankathon&ON

If you made it to 3:30 on your Day 14 MPA then you have done all you need to qualify for the Plankathon&ON.

This is another 14 day plank-based program with daily emails but it's even more challenging than the Plankathon so you need to have a good base of core strength before giving it a go.

Register here for just £7

Nutrition need a Kick Start?

If one of your goals with the Plankathon is to flatten your tummy, then make sure you check out the 12 Day Kick Start.  This online 'diet reset' is available as a part of the full iNats program of which the Plankathon is a part.

Check it out here

Join iNats

The Plankathon is a part of my larger online program, It's Not About The Scales (iNats).  As a member of iNats you have access to all of the content within the program including the 12 Day Kick Start, 21 Day Habit Breaker, the Plankathon&ON, weekly workouts, monthly live webinars, private Facebook group and a ton of extra support

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