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Yes!  I want a stronger core in 14 days just by doing a fun, do-able, 6 minute workout each day

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A faster route to a stronger core

Thanks again for raising your hand to say that you're interested in time-efficient ways to improving your abs. Whilst you're here, don't miss this opportunity to make an your next step towards your goal of a strong, flat tummy.

Not only does it look great, a strong core makes everything else easier; from lifting weights & running, to playing with the kids & doing the housework, and even protecting you from low back pain and improving your posture.

But there are many pitfalls and misinformation about what actually works. We tend to focus on lots of tiny little crunching movements, strain our necks with devices like the 'ab cradle', or target the wrong muscles with exercises like sit ups.

The 3 problems with ab training

Ab training is often either an afterthought bolt on at the end of a workout, or something we throw in sporadically whenever we're feeling a bit blobby around the middle.

That one off hundred crunches may give us that satisfying 'hurts to cough' feeling the next day, but it won't translate into the RESULTS that you are after.

There's either not enough INTENSITY (LOTS of reps required), not enough VARIETY (same old, same old), or no CONSISTENCY.

All of which are essential for a strong and healthy core, and the kind of flat tummy you can be proud of.

Some people love to be in complete control of what they're doing and turn to Google and YouTube.

They'll pick out the best exercises and fit together our own routines, and to be fair as long as there's some decent intensity, variety & are consistency the WILL get some results.


But if you prefer to skip the guesswork, have the confidence that you're not wasting your time, and don't want to think too hard about it then you are going to love The Plankathon...

Designed to remove all of the guess work and fit everything snuggly inside just 6 minutes a day, the Plankathon will transform your core strength.

For 14 days you'll receive a workout delivered directly to your inbox first thing in the morning, including video demonstrations of each exercise and options to make it easier or more challenging.

By the end of the program you will experience a noticeable difference in your core strength, muscle tone, and see a quantifiable improvement in your ability to do a plank!

My husband and I both did the full two week course and were able to encourage each other along the way. Loved the fact that there was something new and different each day so it didn't become onerous or repetetive. It was great knowing the target end goal at the beginning so we could strive to be the best we could. Laughed through it, ached through it, and (mostly!) enjoyed it. We both exceeded our expectations and will use this going forward as cross-training sessions to help with our regular running.


My stomach is much flatter than when I started, and I can feel the muscles in my shoulders which I didn't expect

Loved the Plankathon. I struggle with fitting exercise in on a daily basis, what with kids, school runs and work commitments but this fitted in really easily. And I actually enjoyed it!


My sides, stomach and shoulders feel great!

I've really enjoyed the challenge and it's great to receive the daily mails...I actually looked forward to them and will miss the daily challenge. Videos always helped just to make sure my form was correct. Thanks again for the challenge and daily motivation.


Definition starting to improve in my abs & improved posture

Great to see & feel an improvement in your core strength in 2 weeks for just 5 mins a day! Definitely worth the effort!


Begin the Plankathon today for just £4.99 and in 14 days you could have a stronger core, better posture & a confident ab training habit that gets results

Hit the button below to begin the Planakthon, and you'll immediately be sent instructions on how to set your Max Plank Accumulator

Add to Cart - Just £4.99

How The Plankathon Works

If you just want the result, go ahead and jump on board.  But if you want to know a little more about what's in store for you, read on!

#1: Register your account

Once you have completed your payment through PayPal you'll be immediately redirected to a registration page where you will create your Plankathon account.

Once inside, you'll be given instructions on how to do your Max Plank Accumulator, which will act as your baseline measurement.

There are a few specific things I'll show you how to do, but essentially you'll 'accumulate' as many minutes and seconds within a 5 minute period as possible.  So if you can only hold a plank for 30 seconds before having to take a break that's fine.  You just take a break - say 30 seconds - then go back in again for more.

#2: Daily Email Instructions

You'll receive your initial Day 1 email immediately, but then for each of the next 14 days I'll be in your inbox with the day's instructions.

It's up to you when you choose to do the workout - remember they only take a maximum of 6 minutes to complete - but many people choose to get them done first thing so that they're out of the way.

I'll explain the workout within the email itself, but there is also a 2-3 minute demonstration video for each one in case there's anything you're not sure about.  I place a big emphasis on technique, and will be showing you how to do each exercise properly so that you get the maximum benefit.

#2: Rinse & Repeat

When you get to the end of the Plankathon, you may choose to go back to the beginning and start again.

You will always have access to the program, and you can dip in and out as you like for as long as you are seeing results.

I will of course give you more options when you get to the end of the Plankathon, but you the 14 day program will be your 'secret weapon' whenever you need a push to get your ab training back on track.

Begin the Plankathon today for just £4.99 and in 14 days you could have a stronger core, better posture & a confident ab training habit that gets results

Hit the button below to begin the Planakthon, and you'll immediately be sent instructions on how to set your Max Plank Accumulator

Add to Cart - Just £4.99